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We have the skill and technical capabilities to shoot films in remote locations, demonstration films for products as well as a single-camera interview setup. We can also help you create different types of educational films.

Watch few of our films here... 

Awareness Films


Film 1 & 2 were made for MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) for theatrical release. This 2 minute awareness film educates citizens over identifying places in their homes and societies about breeding of dengue mosquitoes. This film is available in Hindi and Marathi. It was released in theatres all over Maharashtra.

Film 3 is an awareness film on Covid - 19 lockdown for Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation


Introduction/ Organization/ Offerings/ Infrastructure Films



educreate created this story (Organization Film 1 & 2) for PRIDE India. This Organization film is based on the world-class healthcare facility in a remote location of Sastur, near Latur. SPARSH Hospital was founded by Late Smt. Vipula Kadri after the devastation caused by an earthquake in Latur. It highlights all the facilities within the premises and also the Mobile Medical Units which caters to near about 300 villages around the vicinity.

Film 3 is an Introduction Film for Health Spoken Tutorial. This film highlights all the good work done by the HST team at IIT, Bombay.

Film 4 is for Mumbai Mobile Creches and it won the Best Film Award which was given by Shri. Amitabh Bachchan at Yes Foundations ' Yes! I Am The Change ' Competition. 

Film 5 is an Organization Film introducing GISE Hub at IIT, Bombay & Film 6 is an Infrastructure Film that highlights some of the new infrastructure on the campus.




Film 1 & 2 are Impact Films about Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundation, an NGO started by Shri. Vallabh Bhanshali which aims to make civics education practical inorder to create 'ACTIZENS' across the country i.e., Alert, Informed & Active Citizens! Film 1 is about the efforts that school students had put in to resolve issues in the neighbourhood of their school. Films 2 is on a beach cleanup drive undertaken by school students post Ganpati Visarjan.


Tutorial Video/ Demo Video


Today, people prefer watching short snippets of life-hacks /tutorials /modules for information. Hence, a short 2 mins demo video needs to be designed in a crisp & a creative manner.


Testimonial Video/ Event Video/ Promo Film






Some of our Testimonial Videos, Experience Films, Event Film & Promo Film shown above.


Learning Modules/ Process Film/ Simulation Film


Film 1 - We can shoot and create Learning Modules for students. We can even record the modules over zoom & then edit it to create short modules.

Film 2 - Process Film for a contest & Film 3 - Simulation Film, in which various activities around club formation has been simulated.


Product Demo Films



Product demonstration film with subtitles.  An in-depth demonstration to show how the product works.